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IMG_4327_2Coralissa Delaforce is a licensed Physical Therapist Assistant and a certified Pilates Instructor.  She has also been a professional dancer and teacher for the past 20 years.  While on tour with the international percussion sensation STOMP, she discovered that Pilates not only rehabilitated her ankle, back and shoulder injuries but also prevented repeat injuries. In order to continue her dance career she knew that she needed Pilates to keep her body balanced.  Coralissa was pregnant when she went through her BASI course and received her BASI certification.  Shortly after giving birth to her first son she quickly snapped back to her pre-pregnancy weight thanks to her continued practice of Pilates.  Her passion of Pilates and love of teaching inspired her to open her home so that she can help others achieve that mind, body, spirit connection along with a well balanced body.

9 Months

On the Reformer the day before I gave birth.

 Thank you Joseph Pilates!

2 Months Post Birth